University helps music students develop business sense

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San Diego State University(SDSU) is helping music students discover the intersection of business and music, opening the door to more possibilities upon graduating. 

Music students can opt for an entrepreneurship track that allows them to apply units earned in business classes toward their music degree. Through the program, students must:

  • Take a class in entrepreneurship fundamentals;
  • Take a final class on business model/business plan development; and
  • Select three more classes from 45 electives.

"We have seen several different students come through the program and have a curiosity about life beyond just being a musician," says Bernhard Schroeder, director of Lavin Entrepreneurship Center programs at SDSU. "Whether it would be creating a music festival, whether it would be managing the House of Blues" (Warth, San Diego Union-Tribune, 12/17). 

Help performing arts students see the bigger industry picture

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