Education's '30 under 30'

Rising stars changing student lives

The annual "30 Under 30" roundup by Forbes features impressive young entrepreneurs and innovators making a difference in education.

Out of more than 450 nominations, expert judges narrowed the list down to 30 entries comprised of 44 individuals (since some entries are groups of cofounders). EdSurge's Sydney Johnson breaks the list into six categories: nonprofits, Teach for America (TFA) alumni, students, tool and school-starters, funders, and other innovators.


  • Jirayut Lattivongskorn (27) and Denisse Rojas Marquez (27), cofounders of Pre-Health Dreamers;
  • Evin Robinson (26) and Jessica Santana (27), cofounders of New York on Tech;
  • Mendell Grinter (25), leader of Campaign for School Equity;
  • Blair Brettschneider (27), founder of GirlForward; and
  • Nicole Cardoza (27), founder of Yoga Foster.

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TFA alumni:

  • Hardy Farrow (26), TFA alum and executive director of Let's Innovate Through Education;
  • Jacob Allen (28) and Marie Dandie (27), TFA alums and cofounders of pilotED Schools;
  • Jeffrey Martín (25) and Dylan Stone-Miller (26), cofounders of honorCode;
  • Ryan Hoch (29), TFA math teacher and cofounder of Overgrad; and
  • Jenna Leahy (28), TFA alum and co-CEO of CASA Academy.


  • Tamara Wilkerson (26), Morgan State University student and the executive director of African American Teaching Fellows.
  • Luke Heine (22) and Cole Scanlon (20), Harvard University juniors and cofounders of the Fair Opportunity Project; and
  • Cliff Weitzmann (22), Brown University, Google Student ambassador, and founder of Speechify.

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Tool and School-Starters:

  • Jacobi Petrucciani (22), Prahasith Veluvolu (21), and Colton Voege (21), founders of Mirmir;
  • Connie Hu (27) and Joseph Schlesinger (27), cofounders of ArcBotics;
  • Sophia Parsa (25) and Shakib Zabihian (25), cofounders of toot;
  • Leandra Tejedor (25) cofounder of Vidcode; and
  • Jason Field (27), founder of BrainStation.


  • Jeremy Fiance (25), founder of The House Fund; and
  • Joe Vasquez (27), leader of Runway Incubator.

Other innovators:

  • Jordan Levy (24), Andrew Pohle (27), and Jack Schaufeld (24), cofounders of Real Time Cases;
  • Jonathan Gottfried (26) and Mike Swift (27), cofounders of Major League Hacking;
  • Rachel Romer Carlson (28) and Brittany Stich (28), cofounders of Guild Education;
  • Gregory Brown (28) and Mitchell Moffit (28), creators of AsapSCIENCE;
  • Elijah Mayfield (27), VP of New Technologies at Turnitin;
  • Shanyn Ronis (29), founder of Education Global Access Program;
  • Alec Whitters (29), CEO of Higher Learning Technologies;
  • Louise Baigelman (29), cofounder of Story Shares;
  • Sieva Kozinsky (26), cofounder of StudySoup; and
  • Jeff Sorensen (27), founder of optiMize.

(Johnson, EdSurge, 1/3; Howard/Conklin, Forbes, accessed 1/13).

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