14 higher ed podcasts worth a listen

Hosts discuss edtech, teaching methods

When you think of podcasts, you might only think of "Serial," the dramatic nonfiction series that's so popular, it's credited with making podcasts mainstream.  

But as podcasting booms, producers are making podcasts on a wide variety of topics—including higher ed. Jeffrey Young and Mary Jo Madda recently rounded up education podcasts for EdSurge, and several of them are relevant to higher ed.

Teaching and learning podcasts

1. "The Teach Better Podcast"

Doug McKee, a senior lecturer at Cornell University, and Edward O'Neill, a freelance instructional designer, host a podcast every other week discussing the best ways to teach using relevant technology.

2. "Teaching in Higher Ed"

Bonni Stachowiak, a business consultant and associate professor of business and management at Vanguard University, speaks weekly about best practices for professors and interviews experts in the field. She also highlights tips for personal productivity.

3. "Teaching Online Podcast"

The TOPcast features Tom Cavanagh, an associate VP of distributed learning at the University of Central Florida, and Kelvin Thompson, the school's director of online design and development strategy. Cavanagh and Thompson discuss leveraging the internet as an education tool.

5. "Life101"

Michael Wesch, a professor at Kansas State University, discusses his anthropology research and his quest to become a better teacher.

8. "Re:Learning Podcast"

This is the official podcast of the Chronicle of Higher Education, hosted by Goldie Blumenstyk. Blumenstyk highlights and interviews renegade teachers, edtech entrepreneurs, and longtime educators.

Technology podcasts

4. "CodeNewbie"

This podcast, hosted by Saron Yitbarek, the founder of a coding-student community that shares its name with the series, speaks on coding-related topics like the ethics of coding.

6. "Tech Gypsies"

Audrey Watters speaks with her partner Kin Lane, an advocate for API software standards, about the ins and outs of education software.

7. "EdSurge On Air"

Mary Jo Madda and Jeff Young from EdSurge interview education experts weekly, with a specific focus on edtech. The podcasts alternates weekly between K-12 and higher ed topics.

9."Stanford Innovation Lab"

Tina Seelig, a professor of practice at Stanford University's department of management science and engineering, discusses entrepreneurship in the classroom.

Life, the universe, and everything: General interest podcasts

10. "Conversations with Tyler"

Tyler Cowen, an economics professor at George Mason University, speaks with his guest about big ideas.

11. "Revisionist History"

Bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell has a lot to say about education—in his podcast, he regularly discusses topics like college access, financial aid, and endowments.

12. "Spark from CBC Radio"

Nora Young hosts a podcast from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation that highlights how technology is shaping our world.

13. "Surprisingly Awesome"

This Gimlet Media podcast showcases novel stories about everyday activities.

14. "TED Radio Hour"

TED talks, abbreviated. Each episode, host Guy Raz chooses a topic, combines relevant clips from a handful of TED talks, and follows up with TED speakers for further information (Madda/Young, EdSurge, 1/11; Stulberg, Vox, 12/15/2015). 

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