Harvard official hired to the federal Education Department

Trump wants to scale back Title IX regulations, but new official doesn't

Mia Karvonides, a former official at Harvard University, has been appointed by the Obama administration to be one of four Title IX officers for the Education Department's Office for Civil Rights, Katherine Mangan reports for the Chronicle of Higher Education.

In her new government role, Karvonides will work with regional directors from across the country to address civil rights, sexual assault, and gender equality issues. 

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Karvonides has years of experience in the field—prior to serving as Harvard's first Title IX officer, she was a lawyer at the Office for Civil Rights in Boston. Because of Karvonides' strict adherence to Title IX regulations, Mangan predicts that her approach is likely to stand at odds with the Trump administration's promise to ease up on enforcement.

But, Mangan writes, the new administration won't be able to remove Karvonides, as presidents often do to officials appointed by their predecessors. Her position is a special type that is protected from dismissal on political grounds.

Support for Karvonides' new position is mixed. Some conservative critics say her approach is biased against students accused of sexual assault, while her supporters say they're hopeful she will prevent the Trump administration from completely scaling back Title IX regulation (Mangan, Chronicle of Higher Education, 1/17).

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