The top 10 jobs of 2017, according to Glassdoor and LinkedIn

Many are in tech and health care fields

Health and technology dominate both rankings of 2017's best careers based on a variety of factors.

The fields appeared frequently on two rankings of 2017's best jobs released recently by LinkedIn and Glassdoor.

The sites used similar methodologies to form their lists; both analyzed user data according to certain metrics of desirable jobs. 

LinkedIn looked at member profiles, job openings, and salaries. Researchers assigned each job a score based on:

  • Jobs' median base annual salaries (30%);
  • Jobs' likelihood of leading to promotions or internal transfer (25%);
  • The raw number of current job openings for each job (20%);
  • The job opening growth year-over-year (15%); and
  • The number of regions currently hiring for each job title (10%).

Glassdoor looked at member profiles and rated jobs based on three equally rated metrics:

  • The jobs' median annual base salaries;
  • Overall job satisfaction ratings; and
  • The number of active openings for each job.

The top 10 jobs on LinkedIn's list and their respective median base salaries are:

  1. Hospitalist, $222,000;
  2. Pharmacist, $123,000;
  3. Sales engineer, $80,000;
  4. Site reliability engineer, $140,000;
  5. Product manager, $97,500;
  6. Financial analyst, $64,000
  7. Technical program manager, $129,000
  8. Program manager, $97,400;
  9. Data engineer, $105,000; and
  10. Scrum master, $100,000.

The top 10 jobs on Glassdoor's list and their respective median base salaries and job satisfaction rates on a 1-5 scale (5 being the best) are:

  1. Data scientist, $110,000, 4.4;
  2. DevOps engineer, $110,000, 4.2;
  3. Data engineer, $106,000, 4.3;
  4. Tax manager, $110,000, 4.0;
  5. Analytics manager, $112,000, 4.1;
  6. HR manager, $85,000, 3.8;
  7. Database administrator, $93,000, 3.8;
  8. Strategy manager, $130,000, 4.3;
  9. UX designer, $92,500, 4.0; and
  10. Solutions architect, $125,000, 3.7.

There is some overlap between the two lists—Data Scientist/Engineer made it on to both, for instance—but no job managed to land on these two lists and CNN Money and Payscale's top ten jobs in America for 2017.

Where we do see consistency across all three recent "best jobs" rankings is under the umbrella category of "tech" jobs. Jobs in IT, software design, and technical programs dominated all three lists, along with jobs rooted in data analysis.

Several of the top-ranked positions could be found on campus. Tech jobs are becoming more common at colleges as edtech tools and online learning platforms grow more popular (Glassdoor site, accessed 1/24; Shapero,"Official LinkedIn Blog," LinkedIn, 1/20).

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