10 top-of-mind IT concerns for the new year, ranked by EDUCAUSE

Student success is a central theme for the future of campus IT

This week, EDUCAUSE released its 2017 report on all things IT: top issues, trends, and technologies.

To create the list, a panel of experts—including IT leaders, non-IT leaders, CIOs, and faculty members—developed lists of potential issues, trends, and technologies. Then, the EDUCAUSE community selected their final choices in an annual survey.

Top 10 IT issues for 2017 were ranked as:                     

  1. Information security;
  2. Student success and completion;
  3. Data-informed decision-making;
  4. Strategic leadership;
  5. Sustainable funding;
  6. Data management and governance;
  7. Higher education affordability;
  8. Sustainable staffing;
  9. Next-generation enterprise IT; and
  10. Digital transformation of learning.

Highly ranked trends included:

Finally, EDUCAUSE previewed a coming report on the new technologies that college IT offices plan to focus on most in 2017. The top technologies were:

  1. Active learning classrooms;
  2. Tools for improving analysis of student data;
  3. Uses of application programming interfaces;
  4. Integration of mobile devices in teaching and learning;
  5. Mobile apps for enterprise applications;
  6. Blended data center, for both on-campus and cloud-based operations;
  7. Utilities for planning and mapping students' educational plans;
  8. Database encryption;
  9. Programs for triggering interventions based on student behavior or faculty input; and
  10. (Tie) Technology for mobile device management and offering self-service resources that reduce advisor workloads.

It's clear that student success is a central theme for campus IT in the coming year, says Susan Grajek, the VP of data, research, and analytics at EDUCAUSE.

"The distinction between the priorities of the IT organization and those of the institution is blurring," Grajek says. "Collaboration across campus is more important now than ever before as we truly understand the impact IT can have on institutional and student success" (EDUCAUSE site, accessed 1/25; Shaffhauser, Campus Technology, 1/18).

IT is a critical partner in driving student success initiatives

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