Take advantage of the emoji craze to engage students and alumni

Encourage school spirit, notify donors of campaigns

Emojis aren't exclusively for personal use. 

Yes, people use the smiling, crying, and laughing characters generously when texting best friends or significant others, but college administrators are increasingly finding emojis to be a useful way to communicate with students and alumni.

Emojis depicting school mascots, logos, or landmark architectural structures allow users to boast school spirit while interacting with other fans of their school.

At Columbia University, for instance, the "C-moji" package available within the Columbia University app consists of 35 emojis—featuring the school's lion mascot, images of New York City, and a number of sports, student life, and gift-related icons. 

Most schools are now present on social media, which adds to the personalized-emoji appeal. Social media ambassadors can catch the attention of prospective supporters with the addition of school-specific emoji to their posts or messages.

If a student or alum is a smartphone user, they can also opt in to push notifications when they download the school-specific emojis. The notifications will serve to alert the users when new emojis have been added, but they will also give the school an additional channel of communication to alert alumni about upcoming events or giving campaigns.

And while most schools do offer their emojis free of charge, some schools charge a modest price—between $0.99 and $3.99—for the emojis, presenting an additional fundraising opportunity for the school (Ellison, eCampus News, 2/10).

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