The top 10 jobs employers can't seem to fill

These jobs also have the lowest unemployment rates

We're all too familiar with the job-seeker's struggle to land a gig—and we often chalk it up to the competitive number of candidates applying for a given role. 

But there's an opposite side of the dilemma, too—employers struggle to find qualified candidates to fill certain jobs.

According to a recent report from CareerCast, the job market's upward climb since the recession has resulted in labor shortages for specific positions.

To compile the list of 2017's top 10 most difficult jobs to fill, CareerCast looked at a number of factors, including:

  • Industry and profession hiring trends over the past decade;
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics' data on the each job's growth outlook;
  • University and graduate employment data;
  • The CareerCast database of job listings; and
  • Trade statistics.

CareerCast also considered reports from Georgetown University's Center on Education and the Workforce, and found that labor shortages frequently occur in industries where unemployment is low for recent graduates—the two strongest examples being health care and technology. 

Labor shortages are also common in cases where the position or field is relatively new, the report also notes, because there aren't yet enough trained professionals to fill every open role.

What's more, many colleges and universities do not yet offer degree programs that specifically cater toward these fields. Data science is one example of a (relatively) new field experiencing labor shortages.

CareerCast's top 10 most difficult jobs to fill this year, along with their respective annual median salaries and growth outlooks, are:

  1. Data Scientist, $128,240, 16%;
  2. Financial Advisor, $89,160, 30%;
  3. General and Operations Manager, $97,730, 7%;
  4. Home Health Aide, $21,920, 38%;
  5. Information Security Analyst, $90,120, 18%;
  6. Medical Services Manager, $94,500, 17%;
  7. Physical Therapist, $84,020, 34%;
  8. Registered Nurse, $67,490, 16%;
  9. Software Engineer, $100,690, 17%; and
  10. Truck Driver, $40,260, 5%.

(CareerCast site, accessed 2/13).

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