The 25 jobs with the brightest salary outlooks for 2017

Most positions are within the technology and health care industries

Glassdoor has ranked its third annual list of the 25 highest paying jobs—and the top-listed positions might surprise you.

In the same pattern as the past two years, jobs in the tech field made up the majority of the list—no surprise there. What you might not expect, though, is the fact no tech jobs made it into the top five. Health care jobs won the top slots instead.

New additions to this year's list include Nurse Practitioner and Nuclear Engineer. 

To create the list, Glassdoor considered any jobs for which at least 100 United States employees had submitted salary reports to their database over the past year.  Then, they estimated the median base salaries for each position based on location and job level. Glassdoor also excluded C-suite level positions.

Glassdoor's chief economist Andrew Chamberlain notes that "high pay continues to be tied to [in-demand] skills, higher education, and working jobs that are protected from competition or automation."

The top-paying jobs and their respective base salaries are:

  1. Physician, $187,876
  2. Pharmacy Manager, $149,064
  3. Patent Attorney, $139,272
  4. Medical Science Liaison, $132,842
  5. Pharmacist, $125,847
  6. Enterprise Architect, $112,560
  7. Physician Assistant, $112,529
  8. Applications Development Manager, $112,045
  9. R&D Manager, $111,905
  10. Corporate Controller, $110,855
  11. Software Engineering Manager, $109,350
  12. IT Architect, $105,303
  13. Software Architect, $104,754
  14. Nurse Practitioner, $104,144
  15. Solutions Architect, $102,678
  16. Data Architect, $102,091
  17. Actuary, $99,507
  18. IT Program Manager, $98,883
  19. UX Manager, $98,353
  20. Systems Architect, $97,873
  21. Plant Manager, $97,189
  22. Scrum Master, $95,167
  23. Financial Planning & Analysis Manager, $94,862
  24. Nuclear Engineer, $94,852
  25. Attorney, $94,695

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