From an advisor: How using predictive analytics helps me help my students

Data makes advising sessions a little less cloudy


Bryanna Licciardi, an academic advisor in the College of Education at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU), writes for The EvoLLLution about how using a student success analytics platform has helped her support students.

Before her institution partnered with EAB's Student Success Collaborative, Licciardi explains that her advising conversations were largely a memory exercise. Students tried to recall what previous advisors told them and why they did or did not follow the advice.

But now, Licciardi writes that her advising conversations are much more efficient and identifies several ways that the advising process has improved. 

For example, Licciardi shares that the partnership helped her team uncover a student population that had been overlooked in the past, known as the "murky middle." These students complete their first year with a GPA between 2.0 and 3.0—and though they may seem on track, almost two-fifths of them do not graduate. At MTSU, that group included roughly 13% of freshmen, or about 400 at-risk students who would have slipped under the radar.

Other changes the institution has been able to make include:

  • Intervening before students' GPA falls below the level for academic probation;
  • Ensuring students are familiar with the academic resources that are available to them;
  • Ensuring students have a healthy support network by speaking with them about campus organizations and other activities (Licciardi, The EvoLLLution, 3/22).

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