Weekend reads: Ann Coulter's coming to campus. Now what?

Kristin Tyndall's reads

When Ann Coulter or Milo Yiannopoulos are invited to campus, how should students respond? The New York Times asked six students what they think, and their answers defy the "snowflake" stereotype. One respondent encourages students to fight style-over-substance speakers by refusing to give them the attention and publicity they crave. Another student challenges the groups who invite such speakers to examine their own motives—and challenges college administrators to find ways to better support minority students across the institution. 

Every team has that "Yes, but" person who responds to every new idea with a million reasons why it won't work. Frustrated with such pedantry, Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde designed a chair that delivers a tiny electric shock if the sitter says the words "Yes, but."

Caroline Hopkins' reads

Are you one of those people who can never remember which password you used for which device? I definitely am. But according to Brian Lennon, the director of Pennsylvania State University’s Digital Culture and Media Initiative, you may be in luck—the era of alpha-numeric passwords is coming to an end. Over the next few decades, device manufactures will increasingly use fingerprint sensors, “Face Unlock” features, and even iris or retina scanning instead of the old fashioned password. 

When I graduated college, I must have promised close to 100 classmates I would "keep in touch." In reality, I only kept in touch with small handful of close friends. In a piece for Forbes, Amy Morin acknowledges that this is inevitable, and argues that grads would be smart to recognize this in advance. "Insisting you and your group continue meeting up at the same college hangouts will encourage you to dwell in the past, rather than accept that life is moving forward," she says. I think that advice could have kept me from making a lot of empty promises. I think I'll pass it along to any Class of 2017 grads I know, too.

Seren Snow's read

I found it very interesting the kind of impact that preschool can have on students from low-income families and from those that are dual-language learners. While there is such an intense focus on higher education, as there should be, this is a reminder that there is a long pipeline to getting students there, and it all starts here. 

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