Weekend reads: The tooth-pulling agony of talking to political opponents, a digital detox, Harvard's cultural graduation

Kristin Tyndall's reads

Could you give up Facebook, email, and texting for a month? Daniel Dowling, a business and productivity writer, says he knew it was time for a digital detox when his anxiety woke him up in the middle of the night—every night for a week. He set strict rules for the next month: no social media at all, email only twice a day, and texts in a burst once per day. Dowling's results won't be surprising to anyone who's been following research on the damaging effects of digital distractions in our lives. He says he felt so much more productive, confident, and calm that he extended his detox: "Now it's just the way I live my life."

Talking to a political opponent is about as fun as getting a tooth pulled, according to a recent study. The researchers found evidence that people intentionally avoid talking to people they disagree with. This is a key point missing from the conversation about filter bubbles, writes science reporter Brian Resnick. 

Seren Snow's read

Cultural graduations like the black graduation set to take place at Harvard on May 23rd are becoming more popular. Harvard also has an annual Latino graduation ceremony, which started in 2015. As this story notes, many of these students will be the first from their families to graduate college.  While some have characterized the ceremony as a way to highlight racial disparities on campus, others have said that this is instead a celebration of black achievement. What do you think?

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