Your first 100 days: The first things to do in a new job

There's been much discussion lately about Donald Trump's "100 Days" milestone, but Vicki Salemi, a career expert for, says the first 100 days matter for anyone starting a new job.

In a recent survey, posed the question to online users: "What is the most important thing an employee should do in the first 100 days at a new job?" The answers, in order of importance, were:

  • Understand the expectations of your role;
  • Find your friends and allies in the work place;
  • Get to know your team members; and
  • Learn more about the organization and the other departments you'll be working with.

Salemi says after 100 days in a new role, any leader would benefit from a self-assessment to determine how well they've accomplished the above. After reviewing your progress, Salemi suggests scheduling a conversation with your manager to discuss:

  • What you've accomplished so far;
  • What you still hope to accomplish;
  • What you could be doing differently;
  • Which skills you still need to acquire;
  • Any promises your new employer has made that haven't yet occured; and
  • Anything else about the job that is different from what you expected.

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To prepare for this conversation, Salemi recommends both you and your manager do the following:

  • Review the job expectations to identify any mismatches;
  • Identify challenges in skills and performance;
  • Evaluate the workplace culture, and how well you are assimilating; and
  • Assess the key relationships you have made so far at the organization—and how well these relationships are contributing to your growth.

Writing for the Harvard Business Review, Anthony Tjan, CEO and founder of Cue Ball, adds that you should focus from the start on effective communication. Communication skills matter more than ever at the beginning of a job, he says.

Tjan also encourages people in a new job not to shy away from their vulnerabilities. "None of us can ever be completely confident that we're 100% on the right track," says Tjan (Bolden-Barrett, HR Dive, 5/10; Tjan, Harvard Business Review, 5/9).

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