4 things great places to work have in common

What makes an organization a great place to work?

It's not necessarily those flashy benefits associated with tech start-ups, but there are a few common trends the top organizations do to engage their employees, according to a recent survey by Inc. Magazine.

Over 1,600 companies applied to participate, according to Greg Harris, president and CEO of Quantum Workplace, which worked with Inc. Magazine to produce the survey. Participating organizations distributed a survey to their employees that asked about career pathing, interaction among teams, trust and relationship with leadership, and whether they felt like that mattered as an individual within their company. About 170,000 employees completed the survey. After analyzing the survey results, the researchers named 50 organizations as Best Workplaces of 2017.

Why do their employees love them so much? Researchers identified four trends among the top 50 organizations that contributed to their success:

  1. Flexible work arrangements;
  2. Leaders that intentionally build a fun or happy culture;
  3. Tuition reimbursement; and
  4. Generous benefits for parents, such as free parenting classes or backup childcare.

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Though these benefits aren't the flashy Silicon Valley perks that grab headlines—no ski trips or a capella groups here—they were the ones correlated with employee engagement. People who work at organizations with these benefits expressed long-term satisfaction, Harris writes. He says that, over and over again, respondents at these organizations wrote statements like "I do my best work", and "I work on an amazing team," (Inc. Magazine, "Best Workplaces 2017" accessed 6/7; Harris, Inc. Magazine, June 2017).

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