Weekend reads: 5 podcasts for new grads, Malala's college, inside the Howard Googleplex

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The New York Times recently rounded up their five favorite podcasts for recent grads, organized into themes like "#adulting" and "funemployment." To their list of recommendations, I would add only the hilarious "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me," which, admittedly, is not a podcast. But you can download it like one, and you will find no better way to keep up with—and relieve stress over—the week's news. I've been on the hunt for a great fiction-based podcast, so if you have suggestions, please send them my way!

Where will Malala go to college? That's the first question that came to my mind, and probably many of yours, upon reading that the girls' education advocate has graduated high school. She celebrated as any 19-year-old might: by sending her first Tweet. So far, she says she will be attending college but has kept the institution's name a secret.

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There are some easy things that faculty at universities and teachers in K-12 classrooms can do to get introverts speaking. Often, as the author points out, being quiet is seen as a weakness and something that needs fixing. But quiet students are actually very introspective, but just don’t want to be the center of attention. Unfortunately, introverted students sometimes get bullied by their peers at the K-12 level, and  in college have their grades lowered based on participation points. But these methods help cultivate an understanding between instructors and students that students’ level of engagement is not always indicated by who is speaking the most or the loudest.

Earlier this year, we told our readers about Howard West, a new satellite campus at Google for Howard University students studying computer science. Well now Business Insider has published photos of what the new space at Googleplex looks like, based on a tour given by Danish Kurani, head of Kurani, a design firm that specializes in learning spaces. It will be in one of Googleplex's main buildings and will occupy two floors, allowing Howard students to build professional relationships with Google employees. It has its own library, classrooms, study spaces, social areas, and even its own workout room. About 25 to 30 students from Howard will get to study at Howard West this summer. This is part of Google’s effort to increase diversity in Silicon Valley.

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