The No. 1 thing people want from their managers

Employees wish their managers were better at communicating, according to a recent study  by Comparably, a website that provides job-seekers with information about the compensation and culture at various tech companies.

According to a blog posting about the study on Comparably's website, researchers surveyed about 20,000 workers from both from small and large tech companies between March 2016 and June 2017. Researchers asked participants about their rapport with their manager, how the relationship impacts the wider company, and what they wished their managers did differently. 

The number one thing that respondents wished their managers would improve was communication. Around 50% of employees agreed with this response, and men and women were about equally likely to agree. But workers aged 56 to 60 were significantly more likely than workers aged 18 to 25 to choose communication as an area for improvement.

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By and large, ineffective communication can adversely impact nearly every aspect of an organization, Valerie Bolden-Barrett writes for HR Drive. Ineffective communication can lead to misinterpretations or misconceptions among employees about topics such as workplace healthcare and benefits options, work assignments, and organizational goals, she writes. 

Communication is also one of the most valued soft skills in the workplace, according to a 2016 survey of 125 local businesses by Greenfield Community College (Bolden-Barrett, HR Dive, 7/17; Comparably, 7/14). 

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