From community college to grad school

A recent partnership approved by the state of Washington simplifies the pipeline from community college to graduate programs for students, Katherine Long reports for the Seattle Times.

As elsewhere, community colleges in Washington state offer their students credits toward a curriculum geared toward certain professions. However, because of their specificity, many of these credits cannot be applied toward a master's or doctoral curriculum.

But this year the Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges entered an agreement with Western Governors University (WGU). The agreement allows students to transfer directly from one of the state community college's applied programs, such an as associate of applied science, to a master's degree program. Students will also be given a 5% discount on the price of a master's degree from WGU.

Help faculty embrace transfer-friendly credits

Marie Brown, a former student at South Seattle College, earned an applied baccalaureate degree in hospitality. She wanted to get a master's degree in business administration; however, some of the credits from her community college would not transfer toward a master's program at a four-year school. She decided to attend WGU for her master's degree, which she says took her 18 months and was affordable for her (Long, Seattle Times, 5/10).

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