The surprising 5 majors with the highest employment rates

The majors that are most likely to find a job after graduation might be surprising, Kellie Bancalari writes for USA Today.

For example, she points out, math majors are actually less likely to find jobs than English majors, according to a new survey by Course Hero. Researchers asked just over 2,000 people who had graduated with a bachelor's degree during the last ten years about their employment and job satisfaction.

Toolkit for elevating student employment

Based on the survey results, the majors with the highest employment rates included:

  1. Architecture or Planning;
  2. Physical or Environmental Sciences;
  3. Communications;  
  4. Business or Finance; and
  5. Biological sciences.

As Bancalari points out, neither math nor computer science landed among the most employed majors. In fact, English majors had a 4 percentage point higher employment rate than math majors.

The upside to the lowest paying majors

In addition, the survey found that only 16% of college majors would choose the same major again, writes Bancalari. Regardless, data continue to show that college graduates generally have better employment prospects than those who did not attend college. The unemployment rate for those with a bachelor's degree or higher is only 2.4%, compared with an average unemployment rate across the United States of 4.4%, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (Bancalari, USA Today, 7/20). 

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