More than 3 out of 4 education institutions aren't prepared for a cyberattack

Education institutions are especially vulnerable to cyberattacks, according to a report from Netwrix.

To create the report, researchers interviewed 723 IT professionals representing several industries and countries.

More than three out of four education institutions are vulnerable to IT risks, according to the report.

Why? The most commonly cited reason was budget, chosen by 74% of all respondents in the survey. Another common contributing factor was staffing; around 72% of respondents reported that they don't have a staff member dedicated to cybersecurity.

This is not the first time that institutions have been deemed vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. A report released earlier this year found that emails ending in .edu are at a high risk for cyber theft. Cyber thieves steal .edu email addresses and associated passwords from the dark web because they can use them to take advantage of discounts and other benefits offered to education professionals.

To protect themselves from cyber threats, Chatlani recommends several steps, including implementing two-factor authentication, ensuring IT management facilities are up-to-date, and keeping data storage hardware in a safe location  (Chatlani, Education Dive, 9/10; Bolkan, Campus Technology, 9/8). 

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