The states where students graduate with the most—and least—student debt

Geographical location can make a difference in how much debt a student incurs during their undergraduate education, Ian Salisbury reports for Time magazine.

The Institute for College Access and Success (TICAS) released its annual report detailing average rates of student loan debt across the country. Salisbury notes that the report shows that students who graduated in the Northeast and Midwest tended to have the most debt, while those in the South and the West, where more students attend in-state public schools, tended to have less debt.

The 5 states with the lowest loan debt are:

1. Utah, $19,975

2. New Mexico, $21,373

3. California, $22,744

4. Arizona, $23,447

5. Nevada, $24,128

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The 5 states with highest loan debt are:

1. New Hampshire, $36,367

2. Pennsylvania, $35,759

3. Connecticut, $35,494

4. Delaware, $33,838

5. Minnesota, $31,915

(Salisbury, Time, 9/20; TICAS report, accessed 9/20)

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