The 10 best colleges, according to WSJ/THE

There's a flurry of rankings each fall, and they can start to run together.

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and Times Higher Education (THE) hope to stand out from the pack by evaluating four-year institutions with student success in mind, writes Dave Pettit for WSJ.

Pettit argues that, unlike other publications that focus on an institution's selectivity, WSJ/THE's ranking offers a holistic picture of career outcomes, academic rigor, finances, and campus life.

The publication determined the top ten colleges by scoring each institution within four key areas:

  • Resources;
  • Engagement;
  • Outcomes; and
  • Environment.

To compile the list, researchers used data from the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System, the Department of Education's College Scorecard, Bureau of Economic Analysis, and student responses to THE's U.S. student survey.

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*Note to readers: EAB congratulates member institutions that were named on the lists. Member institutions listed here are marked with an asterisk.

Top 10 Colleges

  1. Harvard University*
  2. Columbia University*
  3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology*
  4. Stanford University
  5. Duke University*
  6. Yale University
  7. California Institute of Technology*
  8. University of Pennsylvania
  9. Princeton University*
  10. Cornell University

(Pettit, Wall Street Journal, 9/29; Times Higher Education methodology, accessed 9/29; Wall Street Journal ranking, accessed 9/29).

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