The 100 most innovative universities in the world

Thomson Reuters recently released its third annual ranking of the 100 most innovative universities in the world, David Ewalt reports for Reuters.

The list ranks educational institutions based on their contributions to science, new inventions, and the global economy. To compile the rankings, Reuters identified more than 600 global organizations that published the greatest number of scholarly journals from 2010 to 2015, using data from Clarivate Analytics. Reuters then evaluated each of these institutions on several metrics, including how many times the institution filed a patent and how often researchers at other organizations cited an institution's patents.

According to Reuters, here are the top 10 most innovative universities in the world:

Note: EAB congratulates all member institutions for their placements this year. Institutions listed below that are EAB members are marked with an asterisk.

1. Stanford University

2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology*

3. Harvard University*

4. University of Pennsylvania*

5. KU Leuven (Belgium)

6. KAIST (South Korea)

7. University of Washington*

8. University of Michigan System*

9. University of Texas System*

10. Vanderbilt University*

2016's 100 most innovative universities in the world

This is Stanford's third time taking the top spot on Reuters' list. Ewalt suggests a few possible explanations, including a high population of alumni who work in nearby Silicon Valley and the institution's strong performance on two key metrics (research citations and patent filings).  

The list has not changed much over the past two years—of last year's top 10 institutions, nine appear among this year's top 10 (Ewalt, Reuters, 9/27; Reuters methodology, accessed 10/6).

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