The universities with the most Nobel Prize winners

Times Higher Education (THE) has identified the colleges and universities affiliated with the greatest number of Nobel Prize recipients. 

To produce the list, THE assigns a score to institutions based on the number of Nobel laureates who were affiliated with the institution when they won their award. When creating the ranking, THE:

  • Limits its list to awards announced between 2000 and 2017;
  • Weights scores according to the number of winners in each category; and
  • Excludes winners of the Nobel Prize in literature and the Nobel Peace Prize.

The top 10 institutions that are best at producing Nobel laureates, according to THE's methodology, are:

1: Princeton University*

2: Stanford University

3: University of Chicago*

4: Columbia University*

5: Massachusetts Institute of Technology*

6: University of California, Berkeley*

7: Howard Hughes Medical Institute

8: Harvard University*

9: University of California, Santa Barbara

10: Technion Israel Institute of Technology

*Editor's note: Congratulations to member institutions on this list. Institutions listed above that are members of EAB are marked with an asterisk.

The University of Chicago rose three places from last year's list after the Bank of Sweden awarded the 2017 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences to Richard H. Thaler, a professor of behavioural science and economics at the university (Bothwell, Times Higher Education, 10/13).

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