Where the Forbes 400 went to college

America's billionaires come from a surprisingly wide variety of different colleges and universities, Deniz Cam writes for Forbes

The publication analyzed the alma maters of people on its recently updated Forbes 400, a list of the wealthiest Americans. The list includes a number of moguls in a wide array of industries, as well as sports team owners, financiers, tech start-up founders, and many others. Forbes staff researched where each individual on the list attended college based on various sources of available data.  

Here are the institutions that have produced the most Forbes 400 members:

1. University of Pennsylvania*, 18 graduates

2: Stanford University*, 13 graduates

3. Yale University, 13 graduates

4. University of Southern California*, 11 graduates

5. Harvard University*, 11 graduates

6. Columbia University*, 8 graduates

7. University of Michigan*, 7 graduates

8. Dartmouth College, 7 graduates

9. Duke University*, 6 graduates

10. Cornell University, 5 graduates

*Note to readers: EAB congratulates member institutions that appear on the list. Member institutions listed here are marked with an asterisk.

The vast majority of billionaires (84%) hold a bachelor's degree or higher, Cam reports, compared with only 33% of American adults. In addition, a large number (23%) of the Forbes 400 attended an Ivy League institution. However, Cam notes that more than 150 colleges and universities in total are represented by the Forbes 400—from large, public universities to small, private colleges (Cam, Forbes [1], 10/17; Cam, Forbes [2], 10/18; Kroll, Forbes, 10/17).

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