Why college staff love tablets even more than students do

Tablets may seem like straightforward classroom tech, but some campus staff are using these devices to support their teams in creative ways, Calvin Hennick reports for Ed Tech Magazine.

These "high-tech clipboards" are uniquely suited to make certain tasks easier and more mobile, says Bryan Alexander, an education technology consultant.

To match tablets with a specific need, campus administrators should identify processes that can be streamlined or paperwork that can be eliminated, he recommends. When these devices are applied to the right tasks, they can save your team time and enhance productivity, Alexander says.

For example, the Claremont Colleges' campus safety officers use tablets to file incident reports in the moment, without having to trek back to the office, Hennick writes. The tech has dramatically reduced the team's response time, says Stan Skipworth, the director of campus safety at the Claremont University Consortium.

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At Washburn University, the facilities, food services, and counseling departments all rely on tablets, says James Tagliareni, the chief information officer at Washburn. Once the university completes its wireless network upgrade and staff feel more comfortable on Wi-Fi, Tagliareni says he expects tablet adoption to skyrocket.

And since tablets are fairly ubiquitous and intuitive, administrators don't have to worry about intense training, says Brian Dunnigan a mobile app administrator at the University of Connecticut (Hennick, Ed Tech Magazine, 10/27).

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