Don't wait for the muses. Here are 4 ways to get inspired now.

Rescuing your sense of excitement and positivity about your work is a process, but can happen if you take the right steps, Kristi Hedges writes for the Harvard Business Review.

Hedges is an executive leadership coach who trains corporate executives on getting themselves and their teams back to an inspired and engaged mindset.

The advice she shares on inspiration below is based on what she believes has worked for her clients:

1: Act right now

You might think that simply sitting at your desk will spark some profound sense of inspiration. But it doesn't work that way, Hedges writes. To get motivated, you've got to take action – it will expose you to new opportunities and emotions, she says.

2: Dedicate time 

Once you've had some success in your field, it can be easy to become complacent with your knowledge, according to new insights in psychology research. To stay inspired, you should devote yourself to continued learning, Hedges writes. She recommends dedicating time to regularly take a class, read a book, travel, or participate in some other inspiring activity.

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3: Meet new people 

Hedges believes that always associating with the same people limits our ability to hear new ideas. She recommends finding a role model who is further in their career so that they can provide a fresh perspective.

4: Reduce your options

Having too many choices can paralyze us, according to psychologist Barry Schwarz in The Paradox of Choice. If you're not sure about what move to make in your career, Hedges recommends writing down all of your options and then selecting the three that excite you the most. Finally, work your way toward each of those little by little (Hedge, Harvard Business Review, 9/5).

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