The most annoying office jargon—and education jargon

We all have days where we feel like we're struggling to get our point across efficiently and clearly.

Tapping in office jargon may seem like an innocuous shortcut, but these buzzwords can sound annoying, rather than helpful, finds a new survey.

Researchers at Summit Hosting surveyed 1,000 people across multiple industries and asked them to rate common sayings on how annoying, intelligent, or respectful they thought the term sounded.

The Summit Hosting Team pulled together several lists of the most cringe-worthy words, sorted according to different criteria.

Worst workplace buzzwords:

  • LOL (said aloud)
  • Ping Me
  • Growth Hacking / Growth Hacker

Education's most annoying terms:

  • Ping Me
  • Growth Hacking / Growth Hacker
  • ICYMI (In Case You Missed It)

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Overusing annoying lingo may not only confuse your colleagues, but can also make you seem less intelligent, the Summit Hosting Team warns.

When an expression enters into such heavy (mis)use that it makes less sense each time you hear it, you may want to retire it from your vocabulary altogether, Scott McLemee writes for Inside Higher Ed.

Sometimes over-used words become "live mental hyperlinks" that distract your colleagues, he notes. With that type of jargon, its best to call in a synonym, he argues.

Luckily, not all buzzwords are bad. Highly rated words like "transparency," "best practice," and "touch base," still pack a punch, according to the Summit Hosting Team (Summit Hosting Team, Summit Hosting, 11/1; McLemee, Inside Higher Ed, 11/1).

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