4 ways to earn respect

All leaders want trust and support from their teams, but it's not always obvious how to earn that respect.

Writing for Ladders, Jane Burnett recommends four ways to earn more respect.

1: Ensure you're respecting others first

Interrupting people, publicly humiliating them, or refusing to admit your own mistakes are just a few examples of the ways you may not be showing respect to others in your office. But if you want people to treat you respectfully, the first step is to make sure you're demonstrating the behavior yourself.

2: Combine confidence with humility

Take a realistic view of yourself. Admitting to your flaws is fine, but you should also take pride in your talents and accomplishments, says Peter Daisyme, an entrepreneur and author. The way you perceive and present yourself will affect how others see you, he adds.

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3: Follow through

Fulfill commitments and promises you make to your colleagues—anybody can over-promise, but those who actually do the work are given the respect they deserve, says Paul Jarvis, a web designer and author.

4: Trust your team

Cheri Swales, a contributing writer for Monster, argues that delegating effectively is an important leadership trait. The next time you need your team to do something, assign it and then let them go for it, she suggest. Hovering over them out of mistrust will only make your team worry that you don't trust or respect them—which, in turn, makes it harder for them to extend trust and respect to you (Burnett, Ladders, 9/25).  

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