The top 10 higher ed IT issues to watch for in 2018

EDUCAUSE named the top 10 higher ed IT issues for 2018 during a panel at their recent conference, Meris Stansbury writes in eCampusNews.

The list announced at the event was a preview of EDUCAUSE's annual IT issues report, which the organization releases early each new year. To create the list, a panel of experts—including IT leaders, non-IT leaders, CIOs, and faculty members—developed lists of potential issues, trends, and technologies. Then, the EDUCAUSE community selected their final choices in an annual survey.

Top 10 IT issues for 2018 are ranked as:

1. Information security;

2. Student success;

3. Institution-wide IT strategy;

4. Data-enabled institutional culture;

5. Student-centered institution;

6. Higher education affordability;

7. IT staffing and organizational models;

8. (tie) Data management and governance;

8. (tie) Digital integrations;

9. Change leadership.

See last year's top 10 IT issues

Susan Grajek, vice president of communities and research for EDUCAUSE notes that information security was the top issue last year and the year before.

Information security has certainly been causing headaches on campuses this year. Earlier in 2017, a Ponemon Institute report found that the cost of data breaches in education has hit an all-time high, at $245 per record. In addition, a recent report by Digital Citizens Alliance found that .edu addresses are at high risk for cyber theft.

Common tactics for ensuring security include educating IT users on campus, reducing institutional exposure to security threats, and ensuring the institution's networks, applications, and systems are secure (Stansbury, eCampusNews, 11/6). 

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