The greenest campuses in Canada

Corporate Knights has released a list of the most environmentally friendly universities in Canada.

Corporate Knights identified the greenest Canadian universities using data from the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System (STARS), which around 70 Canadian colleges and universities use to measure their sustainability.  Corporate Knights used 13 indicators in their analysis, including green purchases on cleaning products, water management, and smart commuting.  

According to Corporate Knights, the top 10 greenest campuses in Canada are:

1. University of Calgary*

2. McGill University*

3. Wilfrid Laurier University*

4. MacEwan University*

5. Dalhousie University*

6. University of British Columbia*

7. Simon Fraser University*

8. University of Victoria*

9. Western University*

10. University of Ontario Institute of Technology*

*Editor's note: EAB congratulates our member institutions who made the list. Member institutions listed above are marked with an asterisk.

Colleges find millions in savings from going green

"This Corporate Knights ranking reinforces that the University of Calgary is doing the right things," says Joanne Perdue, chief sustainability officer at UCalgary. According to UCalgary's 2017 sustainability report, the institution reduced its potable water use per student by 27% from 2008 to 2016. Over the same period, the institution also decreased its greenhouse gas emissions by 35%. The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education recognized UCalgary in its 2017 Sustainable Campus index as a top performer among sustainable campuses.  

Yves Beauchamp, VP of administration and finance at second-place institution McGill University, says he feels "lucky to have a talented and engaged community that has pushed for environmental programs at McGill for decades." Since the 1990s, McGill has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 34%, according to the McGill Reporter. McGill's other sustainability efforts include campaigns for local food, composting, and recycling in its campus dining halls, as well as a five-year sustainable procurement strategy.  (Corporate Knights, 10/30; Corporate Knights, 3/30; University of Calgary, release, accessed 11/9; Davine, McGillReporter, 10/30).

Redesigning green education to save on energy costs

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