The best places to live in America in 2017, according to Money magazine

College towns ranked high on a recent list of the best places to live in the United States by Money magazine.

To make the list, Money considered places with populations between 10,000 and 100,000. Reporters analyzed more than 70 types of regional data from sources that included, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the Environmental Protection Agency. Reporters considered factors in eight categories: the economy, cost of living, education, housing, crime, cultural and recreational amenities, convenience, and overall sense of pleasantness.

According to Money, the top 10 places to live in America are:

1. Fishers, IN

2. Allen, TX

3. Monterey Park, CA

4. Franklin, TN

5. Olive Branch, MS

6. Dickinson, ND

7. Lone Tree, CO

8. North Arlington, NJ

9. Schaumburg, IL

10. Bozeman, MT

The 10 best college towns

In its profiles of the best places to live, Money credited colleges and universities for contributing to at least two of the top 10 places on the list. Monterey Park, California is close to a community college and two four-year institutions: California State University, Los Angeles and the University of Southern California. Similarly, Money characterizes Bozeman, Montana as a "picturesque college town" and credits Montana State University and several art and music events for contributing to a "vibrant cultural scene" (Renzulli, Money, 9/18; Sarah Mangla, Money, accessed 11/10 [1]; Sarah Mangla, Money, accessed 11/10 [2]; Renzulli/Sarah Mangla, Money, 9/18).

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