3 academic librarians win I Love My Librarian award

The American Library Association (ALA) recently recognized 10 librarians with this year's I Love My Librarian Award for outstanding contributions to public service.

Library patrons, educators, and members of the public nominated over 1,000 librarians from public libraries, K-12 schools, academic libraries, and community colleges. The ALA's selection committee chooses recipients based on how they've demonstrated a commitment to "transforming lives and communities through education and lifelong learning."

Among this year's 10 winners are three librarians who work at colleges or universities:

1: Julie Bill, Musicians Institute College of Contemporary Music. Based on feedback from hundreds of patrons, Bill built a library website and app to help students and faculty more easily conduct research from different devices.

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2: Mary Fayoyin, Savannah State University. Fayoyin goes the extra mile for her patrons, responding in writing to every comment and attending campus events to better understand student needs, according to the ALA website.

3: Natalia Fernández, Oregon Multicultural Archives and Oregon State University. The ALA recognized Fernández for her efforts to preserve narratives related to LGBTQ history and to better serve communities of color.

Each award recipient receives a $5,000 cash award, a plaque, and a travel stipend to attend an award reception in New York City (American Libraries, 11/30; ilovelibraries, release, accessed 12/1; ALA release, 11/30).

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