The fastest growing job-related search term—and what it means for colleges

The search term "no experience required" grew by 1,140% on Indeed across this past year, Kristen Bahler reports for Money.

Searches for a "no experience required" profession beat out interest for jobs in the technology industry (up 467%) and growing marijuana market (up 401%), Bahler adds.

But the hunt for a "no experience required" job may be fruitless.

In reality, few jobs are truly entry-level these says, says Matt Sigelman, chief executive of Burning Glass Technologies. Many available jobs in coveted fields require years of experience, making them inaccessible to recent grads, he adds.

Even internships are raising the bar for entry. Another recent study from Burning Glass found that nearly 75% of internship postings required industry-specific skill sets. Employers now expect interns to show up with the required skills in their arsenal, changing the purpose of an internship from skill-building to gaining work experience, Valerie Bolden-Barrett writes for HR Dive.

One possible explanation for the "no experience required" spike is that job seekers might be thinking about changing industries over concerns about how new technology will impact their current position, says Paul Wolfe, senior vice president of HR at Indeed.

The spike in interest for "no experience required" jobs also suggests that professionals are becoming more open to roles outside of their college degree or area of expertise, Wolfe adds (Bahler, Money, 11/21).

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