Just 1 in 10 people have what it takes to be a successful manager

Research has found that staff who rate their manager as "excellent" are five times more engaged than staff who rate their manager as "poor."

Yet separate research by Gallup has found that excellent managers are talented at five critical skills—and only one out of 10 people perform highly in all five areas. In a recent article for Inc. magazine, executive coach Marcel Schwantes discusses how managers can practice each of the five skills.

Skill 1: Motivating others. Great managers understand what makes each employee tick, Schwantes writes. They know how to get their employees excited and united behind a strategic vision. They're also adept at removing roadblocks—such as a need for equipment or resources—that are getting in their team's way.

Skill 2: Getting things done. There are times for assertiveness and times for a softer touch—and a high-performing leader knows the difference, Schwantes writes. They also think independently and following the group just because of peer pressure.

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Skill 3: Accountability. Excellent managers hold both their employees and themselves to high standards, Schwantes writes. They communicate clear expectations to their team and regularly follow up, but they also make time to listen and respond to what their employees need from them.

Skill 4: Communication. According to a Comparably study of 20,000 workers, communication is the number one thing that workers wish their managers would improve. The best managers build strong relationships within their organization and with the people it serves.

Skill 5: Judgement. Leaders with good judgment don't automatically make the easy decision or the one that satisfies political goals. Instead, they make choices for the benefit of the organization and consider the nuances and tradeoffs of each choice (Schwantes, Inc., 11/29).

Want to be a better manager? Try getting more sleep.

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