The 10 most millennial-heavy jobs

Jobs that are most likely to be filled by a millennial include statistician, financial analyst—and bartender, according to a recent analysis by SmartAsset.

To produce the list, SmartAsset analysts reviewed Bureau of Labor Statistics data for 327 occupations that employ 50,000 people or more. Analysts looked for the total number of people working in each occupation and the total number of millennials working in each occupation. Then, they used these numbers to calculate the percentage of workers in each occupation who are millennials.

According to SmartAsset, the jobs with the most millennial workers (and the share of millennials in each job) are:

  1. Statisticians, 44.5%
  2. Bartenders, 41.8%
  3. Financial analysts, 41%
  4. Advertising and promotions managers, 40%
  5. Emergency medical technicians and paramedics, 38.6%
  6. Physician assistants, 38%
  7. Web developers, 37.5% 
  8. Market research analysts and marketing specialists, 37.09%
  9. Television, video and motion picture camera operators and editors, 37.04%
  10. Firefighters, 35.7%

Several jobs near the top of the list have seen huge growth in demand in recent years. LinkedIn's top 20 emerging jobs of 2017 included several positions related to statistics, financial analysis, marketing/advertising, and web development. These positions have also appeared on other recent lists of the best jobs for millennials because they tend to offer relatively high salaries and low stress (Miller, SmartAsset, 12/7).

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