The 15 jobs projected to grow the most over the next decade

Yes, health care and technology jobs dominate the list of those projected to grow the most over the next decade, according to a Glassdoor report.

But some of the jobs may surprise you—they aren't all in health care or technology.

To create the list, Glassdoor researchers analyzed Bureau of Labor Statistics job growth projections, identifying the positions expected to add the most openings from 2016 to 2026.

The jobs projected to grow the most over the next decade, along with the estimated number of new openings, are:

  1. Home health and personal care aides (1,179,600)
  2. Waiters, food service, and cooks (907,700)
  3. Registered nurses (437,700)
  4. Software developers (253,400)
  5. Janitors and cleaners (233,300)
  6. Operations managers (205,900)
  7. Medical assistants (184,600)
  8. Nursing assistants (164,000)
  9. Construction laborers (153,300)
  10. Accountants and auditors (140,300)
  11. Marketing analysts (136,000)
  12. Customer service representatives (136,000)
  13. Landscapers (123,300)
  14. Truck drivers (113,800)
  15. Maintenance and repair workers (112,700)

One major trend fueling the expansion of software developers is that "non-tech" companies are increasingly hiring tech workers. A 2017 Glassdoor study found that many of the new software developer jobs will appear in traditional industries—like manufacturing, consulting, finance, and retail—and traditional offices located across the United States, not just in Silicon Valley.

The report also notes that a number of jobs outside of technology and health care, such as janitors, landscapers, and restaurant waiters, are growing quickly and continue to be "pillars of the economy." Though labor-intensive, these jobs are difficult to automate entirely because they require human judgment and empathy (Glassdoor report, accessed 2/2).

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