The 15 best jobs in America, according to Glassdoor

Students should build data analysis and leadership skills if they want one of Glassdoor's best jobs in America for 2018.

To create the list, Glassdoor assigns each job a score based on the number of openings, median base salary, and overall job satisfaction as reported by site users.

According to Glassdoor, the top 15 jobs are:

  1. Data scientist
  2. DevOps engineer
  3. Marketing manager
  4. Occupational therapist
  5. HR manager
  6. Electrical engineer
  7. Strategy manager
  8. Mobile developer
  9. Product manager
  10. Manufacturing engineer
  11. Compliance manager
  12. Finance manager
  13. Risk manager
  14. Business development manager
  15. Front end engineer

Predictably, several technology and health care positions rank near the top of the list. "There's always a lot of tech jobs and health-care jobs—that's not new and not going away anytime soon," says Scott Dobroski, career trends analyst at Glassdoor. Of the top 50 jobs, 20 are in the technology industry this year, up from 14 on last year's list.

But the real trend to notice this year is the rise of jobs related to business operations, says Dobroski. Four of the top 50 positions involve data analysis, including the No. 1 position, data scientist. And half of the top 15 jobs are management positions. According to Dobroski, the big data revolution has created a need for more people who can interpret data and make business decisions.

In the last few years, data analysis has quickly become one of the hottest fields for recent graduates. In 2016, Experts Exchange COO Gene Richardson argued that data analysis skills are more in-demand than coding. A 2017 survey found that 95% of employers say data science and analytics skills are hard to find among candidates.

A 2017 report by PwC and the Business-Higher Education Forum (BHEF) on the data skills gap urges colleges to incorporate data analysis into every subject area and make it accessible to diverse student populations (Glassdoor ranking, accessed 2/7; McGregor, Washington Post, 1/23).

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