10 essential higher ed podcasts for 2019

Kathleen Escarcha, staff writerKathleen Escarcha, Associate Editor

Podcasts are booming, and the higher ed sphere hasn't been left out.

We rounded up a few of our favorite podcasts that capture some of the most pressing issues in higher education.

The topics range from avoiding burnout as a student affairs leader to a professor who went the extra mile (literally) to engage her students. Here are our picks and a brief synopsis of each series.

1. Higher ed: Jennifer Stayton, of radio station KUT, and Ed Burger, President of Southwestern University, host a weekly 15-minute discussion about on-campus issues. One episode offers advice for leading civil discourse in class, while another debunks popular learning myths.

2. Fanatical Recruitment: The host, Mickey Baines, interviews enrollment management leaders and industry experts to glean best practices about student recruitment. Baines and his guests discuss topics like coaching recent grads on your admissions staff and creating engaging recruitment videos. The lessons are applicable not just for enrollment leaders, but for anyone in higher ed communications.

3. Re:Learning: The Chronicle of Higher Education's Jeffrey Young and Goldie Blumenstyk sit down with innovative teachers, ed-tech entrepreneurs, and others shaping the future of higher ed. One episode interviews Sarah Short, a long-time educator at Syracuse University, who reached teaching fame when she rode a motorcycle into her lecture hall—all in the name of student engagement.

4. Higher Ed Happy Hour: If you've ever wanted to steer your happy hour conversation towards the meaning of gainful post-graduation employment, this is the podcast for you. Two DC-based journalists and policy experts—Kevin Carey of New America and Libby Nelson of Vox—dissect developments in higher ed policy and research.

5. Student Affairs Spectacular: Tom Krieglstein and Dustin Ramsdell connect with student affairs leaders to ask them about their biggest wins, project flops, and daily dilemmas as higher ed professionals. The podcast explores topics like the experience of being one of the few staff of color on campus and how to avoid burning out.

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6. The Buddle Huddle: Chris Buddle, the Dean of Students at McGill University, hosts a weekly podcast to engage with students. In each episode, Buddle shares his experiences related to a topic, like failure or mental health, and then interviews students about their experiences. "What I want to do is also show the students that administrators are not just administrators—some person behind an email—but actually that we're there to listen, support, and help students," says Buddle in the podcast's first episode.

7. Blue & Goldcast: Santo Ono, the President and Vice-Chancellor at the University of British Columbia, and Jennifer Gardy, an Assistant Professor of Population and Public Health, discuss big issues in higher ed, including student diversity and research.

8. Relay SA: Adam Kuhn, the Director of Student and Campus Community Development at the University of Toronto, and Nadia Rosemond, Senior Manager of Student Life and International Experience, host a weekly conversation about student affairs in Canada. In each episode, Kuhn interviews a person from a Canadian university, including administrators, professors, students, and student affairs staffers. At the end of the episode, he asks his guest who he should interview next and why.

Reader recommendations

Josie and The Podcast: Josie Ahlquist sits down with campus leaders and media professionals to discuss the intersection of tech and leadership in higher ed.
- submitted by John Rainone, President of Dabney S. Lancaster Community College

Compact Nation Podcast: Emily Shields and J.R. Jamison connect with campus leaders, artists, and activists to discuss higher ed and community engagement.
- submitted by Jenna Dell, a Director at EAB

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