The 15 best companies for work-life balance in 2018

Do you think you have a healthy work-life balance? Indeed recently analyzed more than 72 million online reviews to compile a list of companies that most successfully provide employees with a more balanced life.

According to Indeed, these are the companies where employees are best able to balance their personal and professional interests:

  1. Keller Williams Realty
  2. Coldwell Banker
  3. Cisco
  4. Kaiser Permanente
  5. Google
  6. Capital One
  7. Century 21
  8. Nike
  9. Northrop Grumman
  10. Pfizer
  11. American Express
  12. Fidelity Investments
  13. Dell
  14. Lockheed Martin
  15. Johnson & Johnson

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Real estate companies—Keller Williams Realty, Coldwell Banker, and Century 21—top the list. These companies score high because employees generally have the ability to mandate their own work hours. "There is complete flexibility in your schedule and unlimited earnings potential," one Keller Williams Realty employee writes.

Companies in industries typically known for high-stress work and long hours are also featured on the list. Tech giants, like Dell and Google, ranked alongside finance and banking powerhouses, like Capital One and American Express.

One potential reason? Managers might have something to do with it. As one Google employee explains, "The manager you work with is key to your work/life balance and overall satisfaction at the company" (Hess, CNBC, 5/1).  

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