The 3 traits that matter most for landing 2018's dream jobs

Tech careers are among the hottest jobs of 2018, and it's not hard to see why. The jobs consistently receive high ratings for salary, growth, worker satisfaction, and work-life balance. So how can students secure a job in this booming industry? 

A Comparably survey of 1,000 people across the tech industry suggests that "work ethic" is the most important quality tech employers look for when hiring.

"Work ethic," which received 32% of the vote, was followed by "integrity" (24%), "good culture fit" (20%), and "resourcefulness" (16%). 

Among tech workers in executive roles, "integrity" (28%) and "good culture fit" (28%) were ranked above "work ethic" (24%). Tech workers between the ages of 46 and 50 also ranked "integrity" (28%) above "work ethic" (25%) and "good culture fit" (24%).

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But surprisingly, "prior experience" was consistently ranked as the least important trait to tech workers across age, experience level, and gender.

This may be because the value of prior experience will diminish as the tech industry continues to undergo technological change and innovation. As Ryan Greenberg, a software engineer at Twitter, recently explained on an EdSurge podcast, it's not possible to predict what skills will be in demand decades from now.

Another explanation may be that many tech jobs have no set career paths, making prior experience less valuable. For example, there's no set career path for software developers. And programmers can choose to climb the corporate ladder or specialize in one skill. Most software developers have the freedom to do the job "how and where [they want to] do it," says Pooja Gada, the tech lead at Qventus (Comparably blog, 9/10).

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