The 10 most underrated colleges in America in 2018

College rankings have long been criticized for measuring institutions based on biased or unreliable factors, and often highlight the same elite institutions year after year. To help draw more attention to schools that are high-performing but often overlooked, Business Insider has created a new ranking of the most underrated colleges in America.

To create the ranking, analysts at Business Insider considered two factors: each college’s reputation, as indicated by the U.S. News & World Report rankings of Best Universities and Best Liberal Arts Colleges, and its salary outcomes, as reported on the U.S. Department of Education's College Scorecard rankings.

The analysts crunched the numbers on these two factors and found that, in general, schools with higher salary outcomes also tend to have higher U.S. News rankings. But a few schools are outliers; based on their salary outcomes, they’re relatively underrated by U.S. News. Of these, the analysts identified which schools were the greatest outliers, and named those as the most underrated colleges.

According to their analysis, here are the 10 most underrated colleges in America in 2018:

1. Missouri University of Science and Technology*
2. Pace University*
3. University of Colorado-Denver*
4. Michigan Technological University*
5. University of the Pacific*
6. Clarkson University*
7. Florida Institute of Technology*
8. Colorado School of Mines*
9. New Jersey Institute of Technology*
10. Drexel University*

 Note to readers: EAB congratulates member institutions that appear on the list. Member institutions listed here are marked with an asterisk.

Missouri University of Science and Technology, which topped Business Insider's list, was ranked 157th by U.S. News. But their graduates earn an average median mid-career salary of $71,200. And the second school on the list, Pace University, was ranked 177th by U.S. News, though grads can expect a mid-career salary of $60,300 (Kiersz, Business Insider, 11/17; Lansat/Kiersz, Business Insider, 11/19).

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