Show students how on-campus employment builds essential skills

Best practice of the week July 17 - 21

In recognition of the enormous development potential of campus employment, Ryerson University undertook a more comprehensive overhaul of the student employment experience. In response to observed low productivity and engagement among student employees in some departments, Ryerson piloted a process for rewriting student job descriptions to incorporate learning outcomes.

Their first step was to establish division-wide learning outcomes for student employees. Staff used nine skills identified by Employment and Social Development Canada to establish the most “essential skills” for student employees. They then met with each supervisor to explain the skills and how to map them to existing job descriptions, or, if necessary, rewrite the job descriptions. Supervisors submit the revised descriptions to a career services representative, who ensures that all nine skills are represented, and works with the supervisor to incorporate additional responsibilities that align with the skills, if necessary.

The departments that piloted the new job descriptions reported that student employees improved their punctuality, overall professionalism, quality of work, and productivity.

Learn more about Ryerson's student employment makeover

How Ryerson built its new student job descriptions

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