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Here, the EAB Daily Briefing will track political analysis and predictions related to the presidential transition.

Higher education was not a focus of President-elect Donald Trump's campaign, but some of his statements and his fellow Republicans' records do provide clues about his future administration. Here's an overview of our top coverage and resources to help you prepare for the new administration.

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The latest updates

For the latest coverage of news and analysis, see today's EAB Daily Briefing. These are some of the most important updates:

You should be paying attention to the Obamacare repeal effort
Donald Trump has vowed to repeal the Affordable Care Act as soon as possible after taking office. Here's why colleges should care.

3 takeaways for colleges from DeVos' contentious confirmation hearing
In the aftermath of the hearing, Betsy DeVos faced criticism for providing vague answers—and for flubbing a basic fact about higher education.

Everything you need to know about Trump's pick for Education Secretary
She's best known for her advocacy in the K-12 sphere. Analysts predict how she might approach higher ed.

How higher ed reacted to the historic upset
Early reactions on college campuses ran the gamut from anxiety to pleasant surprise to pragmatism.

Student protests break out nationwide after Trump victory
An estimated 2,000 protestors marched through one campus. On another, students held a candlelight vigil.

What the new Congress means for colleges
Policy analysts predict that members of Congress will take a stronger role under the Trump administration in shaping future regulations for higher education.

What we know about Trump on higher ed
The EAB Daily Briefing team rounds up our coverage of Trump's proposals and comments about higher education while on the campaign trail.

Your first agenda item: Student protests

Campus climate is the most immediate, practical concern for many institutions. Trump's comments and policies about women, LGBT rights, and minorities fanned the flames of campus unrest that made headlines in 2015 and 2016 when campuses nationwide erupted in student protests.

Student protests—and counter-protests—spread to colleges nationwide the day after the election. More student protests are expected on Inauguration Day.

In wake of a bitter campaign season, students might feel emotionally or physically exhausted, experience increased anxiety or depression, or fall behind academically. College and university leaders are working quickly to keep everyone safe, support distressed students, and advise faculty and staff on student interactions.

Trump's policies: What we know

In Trump's most comprehensive speech on higher education, he focused on affordability. While he is opposed to free or debt-free college, Trump has criticized rising tuition and argued that colleges should devote a greater share of endowments to financial aid. He has also spoken in support of income-based loan repayment, though he has proposed adjustments to the current plans.

Trump has also stated that he would help colleges lower costs by reducing the regulatory burden or trimming the power of the Education Department.

Many policy analysts are looking to the Republican party platform and Congress members for more clues about future policies. Based on these hints, experts predict that a Trump administration will likely aim to:

  • Reauthorize the Higher Education Act;
  • Cap or reduce Pell funding;
  • Change the way Title IX is administered; and
  • Simplify the FAFSA.

However, in many ways, state and local governments continue to play a larger role than the federal government in financing and regulating colleges and universities. And if anything, Trump is likely to reduce the role of the federal government even more.

How should colleges prepare for the new administration?

Our experts are analyzing what a Trump presidency will mean for colleges. They have prepared these resources to help your institution prepare for the most likely outcomes.

Expert take: What colleges can expect from a Trump presidency
The policy environment for the next four years in higher education will undoubtedly be very different from the past eight years.

3 things to do now in response to student protests
Student protests—and counter-protests—are breaking out on campuses nationwide. Here are three strategies for keeping students safe and supporting your campus community.


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