About Anna

In her role as Managing Director of Analytics, Anna Swanson is the leading representative of Royall’s expanding data assets and analytical capabilities. It is among Anna’s responsibilities to demonstrate the evolving benefits of partnership with Royall to current and future clients, and she does so with a unique ability to transform client conversations into valuable program delivery.

Anna’s understanding of the higher education landscape is extensive. Before joining the management team at Royall in 2016, Anna served as Lead Analyst, Associate Principal and Principal at Hardwick Day, beginning in 2010. Anna’s career in higher education began shortly after she graduated from Central College with a bachelor’s degree in Economics in 2003, when she remained on campus to serve as an admission counselor and then as the director of annual giving. She has since completed her Master’s in Public Policy at the Hubert H. Humphrey School at the University of Minnesota.

When she’s not traveling to meet with clients or in the office, Anna enjoys playing tennis in two USTA leagues in the Twin Cities. During tax season, she can be found volunteering for Prepare and Prosper as a tax reviewer.

Areas of Expertise

Enrollment Management, Advancement, Admissions, Recruitment,

Anna Swanson

Managing Director of Analytics

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