About Carol

Carol Stack develops and refines brand strategies through research and campus workshops. She also assesses admissions and recruitment operations, advises on staff development and performance review processes, develops new enrollment management strategies, provides admissions and financial aid staff training, and advises in the area of international student admissions. She joined Hardwick Day in 1997.

Prior to joining Hardwick Day, Carol worked in college counseling at two international schools (International School of Brussels and St. John’s International School), was the director of admission at Augsburg College (where she also had significant work experience in Student Academic Records)and rose through the ranks at Macalester College from admission counselor to director of admission. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in English and History at Macalester.

With Principal Ruth Vedvik, Carol authored The Financial Aid Handbook: Getting the Education You Want for the Price You Can Afford, published in May 2011 by Career Press.

Carol exercises many talents, but the ones she most likes to talk about are her inventive party hosting and ongoing war on yard bunnies. She and her husband are happy to host family and the many friends they’ve made in their international travels. Carol is less cheerful about the arrival of bunnies in her yard and has spared few efforts in trying to eradicate them.

Birthplace/Hometown: Minneapolis, the Swedish Hospital.

First job: Other than neighborhood babysitting jobs, it was working as a maid (aka housekeeper) for a trucker’s motel along I-5 south of Portland, Oregon.

Favorite book/movie: I’m a solid fan of The Deptford Trilogy by Robertson Davies.

Favorite class/job in college: A seminar on the novels of William Faulkner. We all wore black turtlenecks and smoked cigarettes in class.

What course do you wish you had taken in college? Had I studied French in college it wouldn’t have been so difficult to learn it when I was 40.

What have you learned about colleges that you didn’t expect? At every college I visit I find something that is lovely and amazing – expressions of the varied and robust mission and nature of higher ed.

What skill do you have that you rarely get to use? It’s been years since I have competed in a rodeo. I have a feeling that skill is pretty darn atrophied…

What’s the best thing about the people you work with? They are all smarter than I am and they laugh at my jokes.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten? Remember recoil when shooting.

Areas of Expertise

Strategic Planning, Marketing and Branding, Admissions, Enrollment Management, Recruitment, Yield, Financial Aid,

Carol Stack


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