About Chetan

Chetan Rao is a Managing Director with EAB’s Academic Performance Solutions, which arms administrative and academic leaders with department-specific benchmarks and dashboards to facilitate challenging resource-tradeoff discussions across campus. He launched the APS membership following an EAB research in partnership with the Gates Foundation that generated top “no regrets” analyses that isolate the key drivers of academic costs, pinpoint opportunities for savings, and allow department leaders to better meet future student demand.

Chetan joined EAB after seven years at its sister company, the Corporate Executive Board (CEB). At CEB, Chetan led the effort to revolutionize corporate real estate benchmarking to enable multinational firms and government agencies to make optimal decisions on location strategy, workplace design, and alternative-work deployment. This member-supported effort involved assessing how key metrics are tracked across organizations and developing a series of cross-walks to bridge definitional gaps. Chetan also led the CEB team that developed an online reporting and scenario-modeling tool to render the dataset actionable for members.

Chetan holds a B.A. in English, economics, and political science from Williams College; a J.D. and a masters in English literature from Duke University; and an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. On those rare occasions when duties at EAB and as the father of a toddler yield spare time and energy, Chetan can be heard moonlighting as a rock drummer.

Areas of Expertise

Data-Driven University , Administration and Finance, Academic Affairs, Academic Planning and Performance Measurement, Budgeting, Cost Savings, Strategic Planning,

Chetan Rao

Chetan Rao

Managing Director, Academic Performance Solutions

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