About Danielle

Danielle Yardy is a Consultant at EAB. Since joining the firm she has worked on research studies on a number of topics in the higher education IT services sector, with a special focus on research about data initiatives and enterprise integration.

Prior to joining EAB, Dr. Yardy worked for a series of educational publishing companies in the United Kingdom, and with various school enrichment programs for underserved populations with low college completion rates.

Dr. Yardy earned her PhD in Renaissance Literature from the University of Oxford, and her bachelor’s degree from Durham University. Her doctoral research focused on the Marian state’s use of burning at the stake during the Reformation and its subsequent effect on the theatre of Elizabethan England. In parallel with her PhD she was the co-organizer of a research project examining the cultural history of procrastination.

She currently volunteers her time establishing a U.S. presence for the UK’s largest educational outreach charity, The Brilliant Club, which leverages the PhD student population to develop and deliver tutorial presentations in underserved schools.

Areas of Expertise

Information Technology, Cloud Computing , Customer Relationship Management, Data Management, Emerging Technologies, Information Security, Instructional Technology, IT Governance, Planning and Budgeting, Student Information Systems,

Danielle Yardy

Danielle Yardy


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