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Ed Venit is a Managing Director with EAB. He serves as the firm’s leading expert on best practices in student success, retention and graduation, advising, financial aid, and student data analysis.

Dr. Venit’s current research focuses on the use of data analytics to transform academic advising. By studying course completion patterns associated with success and failure, colleges and universities can work to remove unseen barriers to degree completion and proactively intervene with students who have fallen off path.

Previously, Dr. Venit led research to produce the national best practice report Hardwiring Student Success, the culmination of over 200 interviews with success practitioners and 20 months of research. This report profiled sixteen case studies from exemplar institutions investing in data-driven early warning strategies to identify students for proactive follow-up from support services.

Dr. Venit holds a PhD in evolutionary biology from Duke University and a bachelor's degree in biology, also from Duke.

Areas of Expertise

Student Retention and Success, Financial Aid, Enrollment Management, Advising, Academic Affairs,

Ed Venit

Managing Director

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