About Jeff

Jeff Martin is the Practice Manager with EAB's Advancement Forum. His recent research has focused on digital advancement strategy, major gift pipeline development, and big data in fundraising. He oversees the Advancement Forum’s ROI benchmarking initiative, and he has led and supported studies on mid-level giving, student philanthropy, parent giving, academic partnerships, and alumni relations.

Previously, he worked with the Academic Affairs Forum on strategies for scaling learning innovations and with the Student Affairs Forum on responding to students of concern. Jeff also served as a custom research associate, completing over 30 white paper reports on topics ranging from responsibility center management budget models to international online education.

Jeff received a bachelor's degree in history from Brown University.

Areas of Expertise

Academic Affairs, Globalization, Enrollment Management, Advancement, Alumni Affairs, Fundraising, Student Affairs,

Jeff Martin

Practice Manager

Jeff's Upcoming Events

May 7 2019

The Individualized and Discerning Constituents

This webconference will highlight ways to personalize the communication experience and strategies on building the case for support to keep constituents engaged and interested. More Register

Sep 19 2018

New Frontiers in Pipeline Development for UK Institutions

This webconference will discuss best-practice strategies for increasing prospect coverage to build a sustainable pipeline of major gift donors. More Register

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