About John

John Workman is a managing director with EAB. He oversees the Business Affairs Forum, the firm's research practice for chief business officers, the Facilities Forum, the dedicated practice for facilities leaders, and the University Research Forum, the membership for chief research officers. His recent work has focused on academic program launches, space management, labor savings and staff productivity, alternative revenue sources, university budget models, and research development.

John holds a PhD in mathematics from Cornell University. His dissertation focused on singular integral operators and multi-parameter paraproducts, which resulted in several publications in peer-reviewed journals. Prior to joining EAB, John was a National Science Foundation Research Fellow, a National Defense Science and Engineering Research Fellow, and a Goldwater Scholar.

Areas of Expertise

Administration and Finance, Administrative Service Delivery Models, Budgeting, Cost Savings, Facilities and Operations, Human Resources, Budget Models and Cost Allocations, Space Utilization, Energy Management and Sustainability,

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John Workman

Managing Director

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